Seven Oaks Bed and Breakfast
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Southern Live Oak

Beautiful hard wood flooring continues into this room located on the upper floor. Crisp, white painted woodwork frame a row of windows overlooking the South side of the house. These windows offer views of Oregon White Oak trees, the cottage, and rose and vegetable gardens. In the distance, through the trees, you can view Mt. Hood’s majestic, snow covered peak. A dramatic angled ceiling parallels the roof line.

The room is furnished with early American furniture pieces including a wood-sculpted head-board framing the queen bed, a butler’s Chest backed by an oval mirror, bed-side tables, a spinet writing desk and a relaxing, stuffed, easy chair. 

The closet offers freshly laundered towels and terry cloth robes. A faceted ruby-like light above the closet door is a clever, original feature to indicate when the closet light was left on.

This room is available as an add-on rental for additional members of English Golden Oak Room parties.

$220 / night

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